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I’m so disappointed by the last chapter… like Obito’s death sucks because there is no feelings in it. Plus, Kishimotroll gave us a SasuSaku moment last week and then… nothing… SO HOW DID THEY FUCKING CAME BACK WITHOUT CHAKRA?! I’m so angry, and the most pitiful is that I saw that coming but I wanted to believe in Kishimotroll! BUT NOOOO! I’m sick of this nonsense. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
… even if the cover was pretty cool. Nope. I’m not weak. of course i am Sasuke & Sakura were so cute on it
For the movie, I don’t have a great feeling about it ever, because I was so happy when Road to Ninja started to popup but… this movie was so bad and wtf. So, I’ll be strong this time, and I’ll not be happy as long as I’ll see the entire movie. Naruto’s design was really strange ne?
So, here I am with this crappy sketch… because I wished a bit more SasuSaku this week. (╥_╥)

うちはサスケ x 春野サクラ
Proud of his girl…
[I wanted to explore Sasuke asking about Sakura’s preliminary match against Ino. Based somewhere between NARUTO chapter 88 -93. Just for fun.]

Source: サスサク × 685 | 靜 [pixiv] 


His horse was taken or something, and he refused to ride with Naruto or Kakashi (“YOU JUST WANNA RIDE WITH SAKURA-CHAN, DON’T YA, TEME?”).

Originally, Sakura would give up her horse and ride with Naruto and Kakashi but her horse happens to hate Sasuke so now he can’t ride unless she’s riding with…

Artist: La Roux
Track: Bulletproof
Wild west



I can resist, i made this and this dialogue was developed in my headBunny Emoji-79 (Shy Blush) [V4] 
Sasuke: I offer you a deal, sheriff
Sakura: What?
Sasuke: If you win, you’ll never see me again, I’ll leave your town forever but…
Sakura: but?
Sasuke: If I win, for a complete night, you’re mine
Naruto: Noooo Sakura-chan!
Sakura: Deal 

Guess who win 


What is hiding Sasuke? What happened in the desert? What Sasuke said to Sakura and Obito? And what the fuck happened to Sakura? Can we start with it Sakura and Obito had no chakra in the naruto 685, like…

she gave all the chakra she have


and she was with 0 chakra




SasuSaku ~ under the same sky~  ~over the same horse~