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I finally finished, I’m so happy ♥♥ (I’m so proud \o/)
Reblog if you love SasuSaku with all your heart.

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Anonymous sent: Could u help me find some good Sasusaku rants?



What kind of rants are you looking for? Well I’ll leave the names of a few blogs that have great SS rants and you can go through them. 

These are just some of the more active ranters, but there are plenty more where these guys came from. ^^

Always feel honoured ♥ thank you <3


  • Madara
  • SS moments
  • Sakura getting the byakugou seal
  • Sakura kicking asses
  • Pro Sakura moments
  • Madara
  • Sasuke and Itachi’s reunion
  • Madara
  • NH moments
  • Madara and Obito’s interactions
  • Kurama and Naruto bonding (well, I loved it)
  • Madara vs Five Kages
  • Tsunade and Dan’s reunion
  • Hashirama and…

Working to IOD, this is a panel from the upcoming pages ;)
I’ve always wanted to draw dark-Sasuke sitting on a stone throne, since I started the “dream” pages of my doujinshi…
by nassel